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Copenhagen International School Trashion Show 14th April 2012

What happened to that plastic wrapper you tossed away at lunchtime?  Students at Copenhagen International School have been making people think twice before they discard it, as it may end up on the runway!

Over 500 people from over 60 different nationalities gathered at Copenhagen International School for the 2012 Trashion Show. Sponsorship was provided by Netto, Super Best and Super Brugsen who donated snacks and drinks to energize the crowds as they marveled at the couture works of art made entirely from trash! 

“The Trashion Show is basically a fashion show using recycled or reusable materials in a quirky, fresh and high fashion way.” says designer and Diploma Student Ricardo.

The journey took nine months and included students from kindergarten, all the way through to the IB Diploma program.  Some of the fabulous costumes included silver, shimmering mermaid-like dress made from entirely juice cartons.  As well as a trendy, fashion forward waistcoat constructed from bicycle inner tubes. The finale of the evening was an evening gown made from old video film strips accompanied by a swimsuit from negatives from photographs. They dazzled down that runway better than a thousand Swarovski crystals!

Live entertainment included a teacher band which opened the show along with various diva-like performances from Middle and High School students.

Over 11,000 Danish Kroner was raised for Roots & Shoots!

Click here to watch the video slideshow or see the thumbnail gallery below.

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