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Spring Term in Bristol!

It has been a busy term for students in Bristol, and we haven’t been able to complete all the activities we wanted to, but we still managed to achieve a lot.
In February we had a stall at the Big Wildlife Fair in Bristol Museum. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet with the public and get the Roots & Shoots message out there! Over 100 children took part in our various activities all surrounding the topic; “Become an ethnologist like Jane Goodall!” Children and adults had the opportunity to learn how to use a pair of binoculars by searching the building for a peace dove, learnt about recognising chimpanzee facial expressions, sketching animals and many also made a pledge to do something to help the planet.  Not only did we manage to raise awareness, we also raised over £70 for Roots & Shoots!
In March a group of us spent a night on the streets in Bristol to raise money for CRISIS women’s shelters in Bristol. It was a life changing night, sleeping outside unprotected from the weather making us all realise how difficult it is to be sleeping rough. Sleeping in the city centre with light and noise pollution was not something I had thought about.  We were lucky enough to have a team looking after and watching us all night and were  able to escape back to our warm beds after a night with little sleep.  Certainly gave us something to think about. As a group we raised £360 for CRISIS!

In March three amazing charities combined efforts and held an film viewing of the incredible new film documentary about Jane Goodall’s life. Ape Alliance, the Great Ape Film Initiative and Roots & Shoots combined efforts to inspire yet more young people with Dr Jane’s inspirational story. It was also completely eco-friendly as the entire film was powered by two bikes which volunteers and participants cycled the whole way through! It was an incredible atmosphere!

The next term looks to be a busy one with students getting down to revision and exams, but we will still be going, and can’t believe we are coming to the end of our first year!

The Bristol Roots & Shoots Group!

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