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We are trying our best!

Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres has been working hard to be green for a number of years. Here are some of our achievements throughout our academic years,

Since 2006, Canada Blanch has been collaborating with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea on a recycling scheme. The Borough has provided two large recycling containers and thus, the school has been recycling since. Orange recycling bags are placed in each classroom and work space within the school. Moreover, the students make a monthly round to empty the orange bags into the containers.

During the academic year of 2009-2010, teachers and parents planted our first garden in the school. This project was completed by the Primary School of Canada Blanch, where the students have been planting and watering floras and vegetations ever since.

Students have also been utilising the wasted and unused papers from the photo-copying room to be used for notes and even for their classroom work. The students periodically visit the photo-copying room and take a stack to be placed in their classes for future consumption in the classroom.

Teachers have also been photo-copying lessons and activities on recycled paper for their classes.

During Christmas, students celebrated ‘Secret Santa’ with an environmentally friendly theme this year. Students insisted that all presents had to be environmentally friendly or made from recycled material.

Students from ESO 1 and 3 have been working on reports and power-point presentations that describe the various ecosystems of the environment. They have researched and written reports on the Tropical Rainforests, Deserts, Decidious Forests and the Mediterranean Environments. Furthermore, they have visited Kew Gardens and succeeded in completing the workshops on plant adaptations within the Tropical Rainforests of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Canada Blanch is celebrating Science Week at the end of May, where various guests have been invited to present talks and workshops on the environment. In addition, the students from ESO 1 and 3 will be nominating the best team to present their Power-point presentations to the other classes in the school.

ESO 1 students are working on constructing and writing a magazine, where the environment will definitely be one of the main topics. The magazine will then be published and sold in the school and the proceeds will be donated to a charity of their choice.

The teachers and students of Canada Blanch have been organising bake sales for a number of years, where proceeds have been donated to various charities.

This is a brief summary of some of our accomplishments, however, we feel that we still have a lot more that we can do!



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