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TASIS Wildlife Pond

The children in Wildlife Club have worked so hard in the Fleming Garden at school to prepare an undeveloped area for a wildlife pond. The hard work has finally come to near completion. Last week, Anne Brummer from Harper Asprey WIldlife came to guide the children on the actually building of the pond. Over the spring break, Ms. Gediman and Anne put down the fleece and PVC liner in the area that would become the pond. Then, this was filled with water and some grass turf was placed in it to prepare the water. Ms. Gediman then bought one ton of pebbles and some boulders to finish off the pond. The children placed all of the pebbles and boulders into place. They helped to put the pond plants that Anne brought into place. We all were amazed at how beautiful our pond looked. It was hard to believe that the children have done almost all of the work themselves! Next week, the finishing touches will take place. A few extra boulders will be added and lily pads will be placed into the pond. The main idea for building this pond is to produce an environment where insects will live. This will produce food for wildlife that will live in our garden. Very soon, Guy the hedgehog, along with a friend, will be coming to live in the garden. Bats will follow. As well, Dr. Lander has built a beehive in the garden. Students, parents, and people from the community come and plant in areas of our garden. The Fleming Garden is alive and is becoming a well-balanced garden.

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