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Eastbury Eco Squad

Eastbury Eco group consists of a mixed group of students from years 7 to 6th form.

They wear a green badge to identify members of the group.

We now meet once a week as a whole group to discuss and plan group initiatives.  Sometimes they meet or work at break times and

Winning our borough environmental competition

after school.

So far they have worked with Global Action Plan, a school initiative to improve school environment they did a waste audit and looked at ways to decrease the waste we produce as a school. They did a Google Earth project with Mr J Buchanun Dunlop, film available on you tube. Also took part in a climate Change/Campaign weekend with Citizenship Foundation.

We have achieved Bronze Eco schools award, currently applying for silver.

They have produced a school eco code which is currently being viewed by Mr Dickson and if ok’d will be used by the school.

They are in working groups and visit classrooms after school turning off lights, projectors etc. and shutting windows.  They keep record sheets and at the end of term they present in communications a bar of fair trade chocolate to a teacher with a perfect record.

They have produced an Eco notice board (first on the left on entry to school) and we have a regular Eco page in the school newsletter.

They have planned and started a School Eco Garden to grow vegetables and create a wildlife area with a refurbished pond. Started composting and planted seeds.  They have met with Mr Dickson and the school governors for permission to do this. (More meetings to follow)

They have won the borough Key stage 3 Environmental Quiz 2 years in a row winning £300 a time.

They are currently doing a waste, litter and recycling campaign this will consist of assemblies, projects in citizenship lessons and meetings with the senior members of school and important people in our community.

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