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Super Agents Flutter towards Summer

Wow isn’t it hot! The Super Agents have been busy making sure the birds have enough water and some food, although they know there is a lot of natural food about now. Agent A and Agent P have been keeping logs of all the birds they see. Agent A has kept a close eye on their bird feeding station and was really pleased to see a nuthatch visiting and some marsh tits as well as all the usual visitors. Agent P was also very lucky to see a nuthatch feeding very close to him and a pied woodpecker.

Agent Diamond has had to rescue two fledglings so far. One was just learning to fly but had fluttered down into cat territory so was taken to a cat free zone where it’s parents could get to it easily. Agents S and A are still walking rescue dogs once a week. It is very rewarding and the dogs love going out. In the hot weather at Ferne Animal Sanctuary the ducks have found a new way of cooling off – in the metal water bowls put out for the resident cats!! They only just fit into the bowls and there is a race to get to them in the mornings! Agent P has been looking at newts and frogs and even found some newts breeding in a display fountain at a local Garden Centre!

Agent A has been given some silk worms to look after by the chef at Ferne. He has told her that in South Africa all the children keep silk worms and have competitions to see who can get the best patterns when the silk worms start to make their cocoons. Silk worms only eat mulberry leaves so Agent Diamond has become chief mulberry leaf hunter. Agent Diamond has lots of frogs and toads in her wildlife garden as well as increasing numbers of slow worms.

The Agents have all noticed that there are more jays about this year which are nice to see but bad news for the hedgerow fledglings! Agent C so far this year has rescued a duckling that got separated from it’s Mum and successfully reunited them whilst Agent H and her friends rescued a hedgehog from a road. As hedgehogs do, it had curled up into a ball thinking it would be safe. There have been a sad amount of run over hedgehogs in this area and more recently young fox cubs. All the Agents get cross when people run over ducks as they just waddle and just need people to wait for them to cross.  Agents D and C were very impressed by a clever seagull who has learned how to flip open fast food box lids to eat the left overs – adapting to survive.

Agents A and P are looking out for ladybirds and butterflies as they have not seen many yet. Both have been to a local honey farm where they have over 18 bee colonies in a different settings (telephone box, roof space, tree stumps etc) within special viewing areas. It was very helpful in understanding how bee hives work and how important bees are for pollinating our flowers and crops. We talked about how in China some orchards have to be pollinated by hand because all the bees have been killed by chemicals.

All the Agents are watching out for wildlife where they live and growing some fruit and vegetables.

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