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Wildlife Pond Completed and Home to Guy the Hedgehog!

The Tasis Wildlife Club has now completed their pond project.

There is now a beautiful pond that will feed (providing insects) Guy the hedgehog and provide him with water. This pond is in our walled Fleming Garden. The children have worked for many months to clear out brambles and weeds. They prepared the soil, and then helped to lay the stones  and pond plants in place. Last week, Guy came to live in the area left wild for him beside the new pond. Guy was found as a newborn on Guy Fawkes night, under a collection of branches ready to become a bonfire. Harper Asprey Wildlife took care of him and prepared him to live in the wild where he belongs.
Anne Brummer brought Guy to meet the children when he was a few weeks old. The children learned so much about hedgehogs that day. He then came for a return visit a few months later, when he was grown. We let him wander in our garden one day so that he could see if he liked it! He did, and is now settling in well. In a few months, a rescued female hedgehog will be brought to live with Guy.

The whole school has learned so much from this project. In an assembly, through posters, and with word of mouth, our community has learned about the importance of having wildlife a part of our life. We are now getting ready to break up for the summer. In the autumn, we look forward to a new project, so that we can offer a home to more rescued and rehabilitated wildlife. The students also look forward to teaching their classmates and teachers more about the animals that share our community!

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