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Summer in Bristol!

Summer term is always busy for Students, and this term has been no exception. While our members were all very busy and bogged down with written work for assignments and revision for exams we did continue to volunteer in our community. Clare Bagley and Charlotte Biddle ran the Bristol 10k along with a group of Ape Alliance Volunteers to raise money for Ape Alliance. Mr H Junior joined the run as well and was carried the entire route! The both successfully completed the run in under an hour and ten minutes.

Buzzing after running 10K, but Mr H Junior had a very relaxing ride!

We have also been volunteering in the community, participating in dog walking in Bristol. Not only has it proved a well earned revision break but also allowed us to be of help to and meet others in the community who we otherwise wouldn’t.

Volunteer Dog Walking

We encourage our members in Bristol to keep an eye out for local wildlife and this term has been no exception. While a couple of us were lucky enough to hear and glimpse the resident Eagle Owl in Bristol, we also cared for a more common, although no less important, young injured feral pigeon before Secret World were kind enough to pick him up from us to care for him until his release.

George, a young feral pigeon

While this term has inevitably been the quietest with regards to help for animals, people and the environment, it signals the end of our first year here in Bristol. We truly hope that this is the start of something big here in Bristol and that next year see’s Roots & Shoots grow even greater and has an even greater impact on the local area.

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