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Nice weather for ducks?

Photo: Birds in bird bathThis morning I woke up to some expected, but unhappy news.  This summer has been awful for us, but even worse for our feathered and furry friends.  According to the National Trust all the rain has been very bad for bees, bats, birds and butterflies. Why? Because it’s been so cold and so wet that insects and some flowers are struggling, and this has an effect on everything else, as it means there is less food for birds and bats, and because of the cold weather, baby bats are being born too small which makes it harder for them to survive.

But we here at Roots & Shoots aren’t the kind of people to feel depressed and ignore the problem, oh no! What this means is that our wildlife needs a helping hand from us! We’ve discussed bees on the blog before – so why not use some time during the summer holidays to plant some bee friendly plants and give our bumbles some help? Or ask Mum and Dad to put up a birdbox – these are best put up during Autumn to give the birds somewhere to hide during the winter, but I think this year our feathered friends need all the help they can get, and watching baby birds on their first flight will give everyone some fun.

As it’s the end of term (you lucky people!) this is our last blog before the summer, but we’ll be back in September, with more news about people, animals and the environment.  Have a fantastic summer everyone, and don’t forget that the Roots & Shoots website has all sorts of activities to download to keep you busy during the summer!


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