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St. Helens K.S. 3 Summer Update Environment


As part of our commitment to green issues our school has been undertaking a project to achieve ECO-schools status. In order to achieve this standard the students have made a number of improvements to the school grounds to encourage wildlife. One of our major projects this year has been the creation of a bog garden.








Bog Garden

The students surveyed the site to find a suitable low lying slow draining position and dug out a pond area with a shelf at one end to allow amphibians a means to enter and leave the water safely. The hole was lined using a reclaimed pond liner and peat was added along with some water plants. The students transported water in buckets from a local pond and allowed the bog to settle. We were thrilled in spring to see the first frogs using the water and continue to watch with interest the array of insect life attracted to the area.









Project to Benefit the Environment

The students spent six days, consecutive Fridays, working with Rangers from Mersey Forest and Friends of Griffin Wood, a local charitable group. Work included installing and cleaning existing bird boxes and the sowing of Yellow Rattle to encourage bio-diversity, especially bumblebees. Students also checked, removed and replaced tree guards to protect saplings.

Yellow Rattle

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