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TASIS American School Student Works with Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR)

Philip is a Middle School student at TASIS England, American School. This past August, Philip and his sister Susanna joined teacher Ms. Gediman, on a 10-day trip to Romania to work with the charity, Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR). Their older sister had gone there previously with Ms. Gediman.

Since 1990, RCR has worked with abandoned children in both Bucharest and Bistrita. Some of these children have special needs.  As well, they work with at risk families to help keep them together.

Philip had a wonderful time. He loved playing with the babies in the program in Bucharest. He fed a baby a bottle for the first time! He learned the stories of many of the babies and how they were soon to go into foster care. After traveling north to Bistrita, Philip got to visit foster families. He also got to visit an 11-year old girl who was successfully adopted by her foster family when she was just a toddler.

Philip also got to work with children with special needs. He found these children to be lovely individuals who loved spending time with him. After spending many days interacting with these children, Philip found them to be just ordinary kids who loved to play and laugh.

Besides working with the children in the programs that RCR runs, Philip got to meet and spend time with Romanian children his own age, whose parents were friends of Ms. Gediman. He met Alin, who speaks fluent English! So, besides getting to spend time in the programs, he got to spend time with Romanian families, where he was able to get an insight into the culture.

Philip gave so much of himself during the time he spent with the children, and yet, he took away just as much, if not more, in the joy he felt after this experience.


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