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Roots & Shoots Plastic-Run 2012 in Munich, Germany

Hard- working Plastic-Runners begin the Isar-river-cleaning early in the morning, under brightest sunshine.

One group stays behind and searches for plastic trash in the rocky river bed.

Everyone gets a garbage bag and collects whatever they can find in the gravel or on the shore.

The second team is on it’s way in a raft of the regional youth organisation and they collect garbage directly from the Isar.

Filled with that many garbage bags, the handcart is almost overflowing and thus we get a lot of  material for our “flower- bouquets”.


Dry again, and after a delicious vegetarian pizza break, we start to create the plastic “Greetings from the Isar” from our findings.


Surfer and Artist Xandi Kreuzeder of Skeleton Sea shows us how we can create beautiful autumn flowers from the plastic waste!

Directed by the senegalese musician and environmental activist Laye Mansa of “Art for Green” we invent unusual percussion instruments, made from our plastic waste…


A result of lots of fun and creativity: the colorful artwork “Greetings from the Isar”.


A big “Thank you!!!” to all plastic-runners for a beautiful day and for the unique masterpiece made of plastic waste!

To be seen as part of the Skeleton Sea Exhibition at the Globetrotter Flagship-Store in Munich until June 2013.

“Less is More – There´s More to come!”


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