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TASIS Update

A new session of Wildlife Club began the end of March. Now that winter is finally behind us, we have been busy at work in our large walled garden. Our wildlife pond looks good, but it needed some weeding and general clearing up around the pond. The children put on their gloves and worked hard to pull weeds, cut up brambles, and tidy up the surrounding area. We were pleased when we were done and went to work in a different area of our garden, as we looked across to see two ducks floating in our pond!

IMG_4832 IMG_4829 IMG_4827 IMG_4822

We will be continuing to help in all areas of our large garden to care for young plants, clear out weeds, and prepare new areas for planting. Dr. Landers asked some of the children to pick the tops of nettle plants and place them in a bag. He is going to make nettle soup with this. We are wondering what this will taste like!

Next week, we will begin to build a home for bats. We would like to release some bats that have been rescued by Harper Asprey Wildlife to live in our garden. We are learning about how to make our garden well balanced, and more sustainable. Bats are good for a garden!

Along with the work in the garden, the students have been making posters to be placed around our campus. These posters will give some simple facts about the wildlife that share where we live. The purpose of these posters is to make people aware that our gardens are not only a place for us, but also an important place for wildlife to live.



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