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Home Super Agents – The Wardrobe Cat

Milly curled up into a tight little ball and shut her eyes tightly. It was safe in there, in the wardrobe. She settled into the softness of the duvet that reminded her of the better times when she was not alone. The times when the friendly old lady stroked her as they sat together in front of the log burner, or when she rubbed her head and whiskers around the legs of the old lady as got her food ready. The long winter evenings snuggling in the comfort of the old double bed, stretching and taking up most of the room. The long summer days lazing in the sunshine, stalking butterflies and grasshoppers in grass and flower borders or staring at the many birds on the feeders.

Then one weekend the old lady was quiet and confused. People came and went and then a big van came with a blue flashing light. And her companion was gone. Days stretched into weeks and the companion did not return.

Some other humans Milly knew came each day and fed and stroked her, but they did not stay. So Milly went back into the wardrobe because it was safe in there and the duvet smelled of her companion. Milly had been lost and scared once before. She had climbed into her companions car and jumped out in a busy town without her companion noticing. Milly had stayed close to the car park hoping each day that her companion would return. Several days went by and Milly suddenly recognised the sound of  a car, it was her car, she had come back! Milly ran to the car and purred and rubbed herself happily against her companion. Her companion cried because she was so happy to see Milly again and they went back home.

But this time her companion did not come back so Milly stayed in the wardrobe, in the dark, on her own.

Then one day a daughter of her companion came and put Milly into a cat basket and then off they went in the car. Milly did not mind as she was lonely and it was nice to be with someone. They did not drive very far when they stopped and Milly was handed to some other nice people. Milly liked their voices, they sounded kind and gentle like her companions voice. Once they were in another car a nice man reached in and gently took Milly out.she snuggled into the warmth on his lap and purred. Milly had come out of the wardrobe and was going to her new home. Her companion was told and was really happy that Milly would be safe and loved.

Milly is safe and being loved thanks to the caring response from Helen Burt in our Swansea office and Mandy and Dave the caring carers who have made my Mum very happy and given an old cat somewhere safe to be loved. Thank you!

Caring and compassion is a vocation – every little action makes a difference

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