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Gardening heaven!

Rufford Primary Gardening Club

Gardening club is a well attended after school club, which has evolved over the past few years.

We began with a four raised beds, filled with organic soil and have developed into several areas of gardening, including our latest addition of an allotment area.  We are also lucky to have a greenhouse to nurture seeds and grow more tender plants, extending children’s’ learning about the geography and science of plants and soil.  They explore and discover through hands on experience.

Pupils are engaged in the process of growing, particularly edible plants, which they harvest and proudly take home to share with families; the pumpkins we carve in October. We promote healthy eating and encourage children to try new foods and flavours.  In the spring term, they choose the seeds for the next year’s harvest, ensuring that they are growing crops that they are enthused by. On occasions when the weather or season limit jobs within the garden, we use ICT and art skills to explore garden design and botanical drawings, linking this with how planting and gardening has changed through history.

 The digging up of potatoes is a highlight of the year, with watering coming a close second.  Children gain pleasure through activities, which have real life relevance and end results that they can not only see, but taste and smell too.

Our club is currently open to years 4, 5 and 6.  This allows children to form friendships across the phase, integrating with, and supporting each other in school life generally.


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