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Police Cadets & Eco Group join forces!

Long summer holidays, normally mean a battle to water the gardens and polytunnel, whenever the teacher can get into school. Weeds often win the war and enjoy the child- free time to expand across our produce, but not this year!

This year we had the cadets, the police cadets. Armed with trowels, spades, bags of enthusiasm and the determination to win the summer war on weeds and water, the outdoor space has never looked better.

The onions have been picked and strung, the courgettes are huge, the potatoes bagged and the tomatoes are ripening. The caterpillars had already moved into many of the brassicas, but the raspberries carried on bearing fruit. Two bunches of grapes can be spotted on the vines, well if you look hard enough, they are rather small.  Two herb and smelly areas have been introduced, so pupils can get a relaxing waft of lavender or help themselves to  the sage, fennel or thyme, to name but a few in the cooking. The orchard is surviving despite outsiders determined to spoil the tress. Not to be left out, they’ve been spruced up and well watered. Several apples and pears can be spotted, even some in our courtyards.

The new recycled plastic benches have been installed, using money from our Green day, Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate and the Friends Of St Christopher’s.

Hopefully outside will be more pleasing on the eye and provide somewhere to rest the feet on our new benches.


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