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UCL Roots & Shoots

“We’d warned the kids last year about energy issues, but we didn’t think they’d be affecting the schools as well! This year UCL Roots & Shoots renewed its successful partnership with Argyle primary school in King’s Cross only to find out, one bitterly cold morning in February, that the winter weather had frozen the school boiler! No heating for the day, and a day off for the kids…

Also a day off for the new UCL Roots & Shoots team, which this year consisted of 8 core volunteers: some new (Verna, A, Jasmine, Alex, Emily) and some old-timers (Anna, Emma, myself). We got some extra help from Ben, who’d helped out during our second year in St Michaels, as well as ever-present and recently graduated Roots & Shoots co-founder Luke.

In the end, the “boiler incident” was only a reprieve. 4 lessons and two Year 5 classes learned about where energy comes from, what the difference between brown and green energy is, and what we can do to save energy… Plus! Our ever popular “water quiz” was also maintained to teach the kids about saving water in the home.

This year also saw the return of Museum specimens (from the first year of R&S). Children had to guess the animal from its skeleton (or skull) before exploring different environmental threats. In groups, volunteers and children discussed some of the major conservation threats (deforestation, global warming, overexploitation and the pet trade) via drawings, photographs and activity sheets.

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All in all, another fun year at UCL Roots & Shoots. We are indebted to the kindness of the Grant Museum, our friends at the Volunteering Services Unit, as well as the teachers at Argyle.

And most of all, thanks to the kids!

Till next year…


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