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St Clements SYLVAE Project Update

St Clements Eco Group enjoy a regular link up with our local secondary schools  gardening club, called “Dingwall Academy Diggers”. Through this St Clements pupils develop their gardening and eco awareness skills, as well as  providing an opportunity to improve their social skills.

The activities that St. Clements Eco Group did with Dingwall Diggers gave the pupils a greater appreciation of the importance of bio-diversity. It also enhanced their understanding of creating opportunities within a garden to sustain a variety of wildlife. The “hands on”  activities they engaged in i.e. building bug homes, making a wild flower mix, shifting soil etc will develop practical skills and an ability to work together.  Our pupils improved awareness of biodiversity in an environment and increased gardening skills will be of great benefit to them in developing and maintaining our sensory “SYLVAE project” garden.

Activities included:

– St Clements pupils watering a newly planted hedge, then preparing and sowing a wild flower seed mix round the hedge.

P6260009  P6260013  P6260011P6260016  P6260010



-Making “bug homes “and positioning them in the garden.

P6260020 P6260021 P6260025 P6260022

-Filling bags with soil for potato planting.

 P6260026 P6260029 P6260033 P6260034 P6260030

-Hand washing and a well earned lunch with the ” Dingwall Diggers”.

P6260036 P6260037





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