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Support the WELL WISHES PROJECT to Make Your Difference Today

Most of you are aware of the recent terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya. Really hard on everyone there.

By writing and sending your well wish card you can bring love to so many who are suffering over there.

This is an incredible way to truly bring HOPE and TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE for those who need it most!  It’s quick and far more powerful on the receiving end.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the WELL WISHES PROJECT (and the Miracles that have resulted around the world thus far), please check out this link:

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So what to write as a CARDS/LETTER- it’s simple: if you could put some LOVE on a piece of paper, what would that be? That’s it.

Please put your cards/letters in the mail BY this Friday 9/27/13

Here are some simple guidelines:

* Lightweight paper only please (extra weight is expensive w international shipping!!!)

* keep messages hopeful and positive

* it can be a simple sentence

* color and colored paper are WONDERFUL

* please sign your name (first name is fine)

* please address it to someone (ie—Dear Brothers and Sisters, etc)

* feel free to draw if inspired to do so

*,faith is strong there so don’t be afraid to include messages of faith

* ask and allow your children especially to help, their hearts are so pure and some of them are already on the Well Wishes CD

Send to:

 Eagle Vision

19 Ridge Rd. #3

Lincoln, Ma 01773

Thank you for taking part!

the Roots & Shoots Team


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