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Dingwall Academy SYLVAE Project Update

The groups of children involved have been very busy over the last session with the various projects that have been carried out. Resources that have been bought and have been used for the various projects undertaken.

Video and Recording Equipment has been bought and is being used to record the work being carried out in various projects within the SYLVAE project. Pupils have been carrying out Environmental maintenance action of local monuments in Dingwall area. Pupils have been involved in the up keep of monuments around the local area and this will be a continuing project over the next session. Many pupils have been involved in garden projects over the session including growing fruit and vegetables, maintaining wild areas in the garden to encourage wildlife. An orchard is in the process of being created with seating, sensory planters, hedging, willow wigwam, wild flowers and a wildlife-friendly area. This session the pupils are going to be spending time focusing on learning to care for and propagate from existing plants on site e.g. pruning, top-dressing, taking cuttings and also enhancing the site by planting new specimens and learning about them e.g. latin nomenclature, preferred conditions, soil types etc.

We have now got our composting programme in place and waste from the canteen is being composted to help with wastage. We are continuing to grow wild flower areas and make decorative bug boxes and butterfly feeders to encourage biodiversity and to educate and inspire others. Mini eco – systems have been popping up around the school and these will continue to be worked on.  These projects will all be on going in the future.

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Through encouraging the participants in setting up their own projects for people, animals and the environment the children developed numerous skills that gives them better chances later in life. Participants worked together and cared together for the environment and each other.

Through participation in the project children improved their skills in the following areas:

· Participation in group/school activities

· Engagement

· Developing transferable skills

· Teamwork

· Respect and compassion

· Creating a value system

· Increasing confidence in themselves and others

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