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TASIS Update

The autumn session of Wildlife Club had some important work in our school garden to take care of after the long summer. It was time to do maintenance on our wildlife pond. It had lots of plant growth around it, including pond plants inside it. This all needed to be trimmed back.

As well, the children needed to work in other areas of the huge garden, to help prepare for new projects. One important task was apple cleanup. There were many apples on the ground, which were rotting. These needed to be gathered and buried in a hole. This would provide rich soil for the newly planned ornamental area of our garden.

As well, brambles needed to be cut back, weeds removed from the surrounding bed of young fruit trees, and overall autumn garden maintenance!

The Wildlife Club members worked for many weeks to tidy up the garden. Along with the work on the garden, the children also have been working on other projects.

One is a Design for Change UK project. The children got together to discuss a change they wanted to see in our school. This change needed to be a positive change for the environment, and one totally designed and implemented by the students themselves.

The students have decided that it is important to get the other students in the Lower School to reuse the reverse side of all paper drawn on so as to cut down the amount of paper used in class. Our school already recycles paper, but even this needs to be cut down. They developed strategies for getting the message across to the other students. This includes speaking at the Lower School assembly when we return from half term, and making posters that explain the suggestion to reuse paper. As well, a group of students will go to each class to reinforce the message.

We will let you know how successful this change is when we have completed our proposal to the entire Lower School.

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