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TASIS England

Design for Change UK at TASIS EnglandEvery term we like to highlight the work of one particular school. We hope that you can feel inspired by their work and feel encouraged to share your work with us – you never know, you may become the school of the term! This term, we’re concentrating on TASIS England, an international school based near Windsor in Surrey (school website). We love the wide range of activities the students have been getting involved in and how the school has its own wildlife club and a school garden that the students are involved with.

After the summer break last year, the school’s garden needed a bit of a revival, so the students all pitched in. Rotting apples on the ground were buried in order to release valuable nutrients into the soil – it can be so easy to just throw things out, but every garden waste product really does have a second use as this school have shown so nicely. The students have also made information posters which have been put up around the school – the posters give information about wildlife which can be found in the local area, allowing other students to be better informed and to feel more involved with their local environment.

Digging in the wildlife gardenSorting out the apples

The school also donated a special “bat house” to a local animal rescue centre. The idea is that the sanctuary uses the house to give rescued bats a place to hibernate over the winter, and once it is almost time for the bats to wake up the house will be relocated to the school and the bats can live there.  This sounds to us like a wonderful idea to do something to help struggling animals while also allowing students to take a hands on approach and learn about wildlife and how to make a garden more “bat friendly”.

Design for ChangeAlongside these works, the school has also been participating in the Design for Change UK project – the idea of the project is that children are asked to think about a small thing that they can do to impact the world around them. Small changes add up and mean that students are making an active, positive difference to their local area and it teaches the children how to instigate change. At this school, students have identified that younger classes don’t use both sides of a piece of paper before it gets recycled and are in the process of coming up with an action plan and publicity.

We love the hands on approach that the school takes in teaching their students how to be a positive part of their own environment and we’re looking forward to future updates, especially hearing how the bats are doing!

You can read all about what TASIS England has been up to here.

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