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The Doctor Ating Foundation


The Doctor Ating Foundation

Green School’s Grade 1 has been spreading the word about, and fundraising for, the Dr. Ating Foundation. The first graders at school originally knew Ating as our much beloved school doctor. When he decided to leave Green School for his calling, we knew we wanted to help, even in our small way. The students were very excited and willing to help after seeing a slide show about the Lore Lindu National Park in Sulawesi. The tiny monkey, the tarsier, really caught their attention. The students were also enthralled by the many beautiful birds, insects, and other animals inhabiting the lush forest. Within a few minutes, a student named Charlotte had already made the first donation.

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Dr. Ating’s dream is to spend the rest of his life taking care of the tropical rainforest, home of millions species of plants and animals. Based on his many years working with the jungle people in Papua and Borneo, he believes that the only way to effectively save the wildlife is by helping the poor living around the forest. He has started providing medical service to the poor around the Park, and he hopes, in return for this service, these people will help him to protect the forest from the greed of our fellow human beings.

Through poster making, popcorn sales and bake sales, we have begun to help spread the word about Dr. Ating’s beautiful dream.


With the help of others determined to assist Dr. Ating, these small “roots and shoots” have begun to reach as far as Jakarta, Australia, Canada and Europe. Through Ating’s efforts, we were very fortunate to have met Dr. Alicia Kennedy and have learned about the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots program. The program is now starting to take off at our school.  We now continue to support the Dr. Ating Foundation as a member school of Roots and Shoots. Other school projects are now doing the same. We are honored to be connected with the Jane Goodall Institute and shall continue to keep nurturing our tiny, but unstoppable “roots” and “shoots”.

Below are The Sulawesi Project’s Goals (see for details):

  • To develop a well functioning health service system in order to bring down morbidity and mortality rates and cut the locals medical expense and workdays loss due to sickness.
  • To introduce ecotourism and conservation education in order to give extra income to the locals, finance the on-going health programs, and educate national and international students on conservation.
  • To gain active support from the local communities in improving stewardship of biodiversity in the Lore Lindu National Park and the Togean Islands Marine Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

To prevent extinction of critically endangered endemic species of Sulawesi, especially tarsiers.

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