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Introducing the new Roots & Shoots Resource Pack

Our exciting new Roots & Shoots resource pack is launched! The resource pack has everything you need to get a Roots & Shoots group up and running at your school.

The Roots & Shoots Resource Pack


The pack features:

  • 4 Mission Booklets – illustrated with a great background comic and an example classroom activity. Each mission booklet describes a hypothetical future world which may occur if, for example, climate change is not dealt with or certain animals become extinct. Complete the activities in class and write them up on our website to be eligible for an award (more related activities can also be downloaded from our resources section) or use the missions to frame your own activity ideas.
  • Mission Tracker Poster – keep track of how your group is helping people, animals and the environment with our creative mission tracker poster and cut-outs.

The Roots & Shoots Poster


  • Teachers’ Guide – everything you need to know about Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and how to enter our annual awards.
  • Award’s Poster – advertise the annual awards in your school with our awards poster.

If your school is registered for the awards, then your resource pack is already on its way. If not then send an email to with your details and we will send you a copy.

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