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Thank you Dr Jane

It must be Spring as the paint brushes came out to refresh the tired walls and ceilings. But life is never simple if, like me, you go to great lengths to avoid harming living creatures that are at your mercy. In this case at the end of my paint brush and roller. Cobwebs and spiders no problem – gently scooped and relocated. But brave little spiders hidden in the corners guarding their egg sacs – problem. Result – nicely painted ceilings with little unpainted corners. Egg sacs on their own gently collected and relocated. With that job done off out to the garden where the sunshine and happy twittering of birds beckoned. A little Jenny Wren was busily bustling along the hedgerow whilst the sparrows as usual squabbled in waves of sound. A blackbird was singing beautifully from the top of the beech hedge and a mistle thrush was industriously turning the leaves. High above a mewling sound echoed around the valley as the buzzards rose upon the thermals whilst the swallows swooped and danced around them. So to a bit of tidying but everything I lifted was a habitat revealing hidden ecosystems and the tiny creatures that live there. Millipedes and centipedes had to be carefully relocated whilst the tiny fragile baby snails hidden in the rim of an old basket had to be carefully extracted and put on the leaf pile. Caterpillars so carefully hidden away and rudely exposed had to re covered and left alone.

But foremost at my mind was Dr Jane’s doctrine that every little action no matter how small makes a difference. And what a difference she has made over her eighty years. Ever humble, self –effacing yet so influential on a global scale with her enigmatic presence that lightens every room and has captured, influenced and inspired the imaginations and actions of so many. Dr Jane walks lightly upon this Earth but many follow her footprints on a journey of exploration of caring about and for our unique planet and all the living things that share it as we journey on board our unique spaceship travelling through space.

Thank you Dr Jane for being my inspiration and the inspiration for the young people I work with. I take my Mr H on all my travels with me so he can continue to share the message so that everybody can take little actions to make a big difference.

Steph Diamond

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