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Featured Activity: Gombe and Tanzania

Gombe Mission Briefing ComicThis week’s featured activity is all about relating the work that your students carry out to help people, animals and the environment in their local area to the work of the Jane Goodall Institute in Tanazania, particularly in the Greater Gombe Ecosystem, where Dr Jane Goodall started working back in 1960.

Through the decades, the Gombe Stream Research Center has grown. Jane and fellow researchers have continued to look at chimpanzee feeding behavior, ecology, infant development, aggression, as well as other primate species. They also look at other environmental issues and work closely with the local people to make sure that everything they do is sustainable other the long term. 

Read more about  and download this week’s featured Gombe activity here. To support this activity, you should also download and print out the Gombe mission briefing comic.

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