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Tweedbank Nursery Class Garden Party

Tweedbank Nursery Class planned a garden party with the infant classes at our school ,we made eco friendly bunting with some parents contributing and participating in making it, using  their  children’s old clothes.We had a fantastic plant competition with a wonderful variety of recycled containers ranging from a handbag to a fireman’s boot.


Plants in the containers were quite varied with a wide range of foliage and flowers such as  healthy looking home grown sunflowers  and strawberries.Some more recently purchased  flowering  plants were also proudly exhibited some  children had been enjoying a trip to the local garden centre !

The children had all shown a great deal of interest and prizes were issued according to the children’s  interpretation of the task which was to use  their recycled containers to grow plants . The entries were amazing so it was a hard task for our Headmistress to judge . The parents were requested to submit their orders beforehand for sandwiches and juice which was a maths exercise for the older infants. Songs and a Morris style dance were  practised to perform to parents and carers, invitations were  issued to attend  and evaluation slips produced  with a child’s drawing being incorporated into the design . Hats were made with crushed tissue  flowers and streamers and children were  looking super  in flowery or smart  clothing. A schedule of games were planned /team stickers made and equipment selected picnic rugs were available to sit on ………………and then  rain came !!!!   So unfortunately our hopes were dashed as the event was cancelled  and foods eaten by the disappointed children. The end of term is quite hectic with sports day the event has not been rescheduled  however  we are looking forward to the growing season starting next spring ! A lot of super learning  opportunities have taken place  and lots of parents are now delighted to be growing plants with the children. Our children have been very interested in growing plants in the nursery garden . This project has been tremendous  and although a bit of a disappointment  at the end, it has been a wonderful journey  which has provided many learning opportunities to develop our curriculum.Grandad’s green fingers are popular and our new local community allotments will be a future source of inspiration for our Tweedbank children .

By Mrs Sheena Ferguson  ( Nursery Teacher )

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