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Roots & Shoots International Leadership Event

In 2013 Dr Jane Goodall was invited to give a talk at the St George’s House Annual Lecture in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the UK. This led to a three-year partnership between Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and St George’s House, which regularly will be bringing together leading thinkers to discuss issues of national and international importance.

The Roots & Shoots philosophy, the education and empowerment of youth, the activities undertaken around the world, made a great impact on St George’s House. As a result, the House committed to host six Roots & Shoots gatherings over the next three years. Each is to last for one week. The first of these meetings took place between 4th – 9th August 2014.

It was a wonderful experience and hugely beneficial for the participants. Representatives from many countries around the world were able to attend and the week was filled with interesting discussions and many inspiring ideas were shared. Dr Jane’s message and her belief in the next generation were so well understood, that no language barriers mattered and everyone was eager to put all suggestions and new ideas into action once back home.

Many friendships were developed and this has created an even bigger platform for Roots & Shoots to expand and for everyone to make their difference in this world!

“Knowledge and Understanding. Hard Work and Persistence. Love and Compassion. You can help heal the world.” Dr Jane Goodall, DBE

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Photos credit – Doug Harding

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