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22nd September 2014, London UK— Following the lead of our renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE—young people from across the UK came together in London for Roots & Shoots Day of Peace.

School students from Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres and Link Primary School, joined in on the 2014 UN International Day of Peace Parade. The theme of this year’s International Day of Peace was the “Right of Peoples to Peace”.

Dr. Goodall established Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Day of Peace in 2004 to encourage Roots & Shoots members and other interested individuals to promote peace in their communities and around the globe. Members craft Giant Peace Dove Puppets from reused materials and fly the Doves in their communities to symbolize their commitment to peace. In past years, Giant Peace Dove Puppets have flown in almost 100 countries in city parks, backyards, convention centers and even refugee camps. Held high by young hands, the Doves have spread their wings everywhere including the Coliseum in Rome, a monastery in Mongolia, the base of Mount Fuji and even the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This year’s event in London featured a two-hour parade with over 60 young people.

We went to London for the Peace Day Parade. We will be telling people all about our adventures in London.” – Idris Yunus, Student, Link Primary School.

” We loved the dove!We think that peace is the most important thing in the world, without peace everything gets destroyed. Everyone should work for peace!” Meriam Ammi Ali Ladoui, Student, Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres

“Peace? The more of it the better.” Antonio Ramos Bellotti, Teacher, Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres

“Because United we can do more than we can individually. We should always make time to promote peace.” Chris Thomas, Teacher, Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres

“All living beings are equal. We should help make the same conditions for all living beings. There is enough for everyone!” Bekalu Teshome Terefe Zenebe, Student, Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres

“I loved flying the Dove of Peace! It made everyone think about what peace is and how important it is for everyone.” Milo Frank Manolson Rodriguez, Student, Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres

“Thank you for organising this event Roots & Shoots! It was an excellent focus for our students who recognise the importance of your organisation’s mission throughout the world. We hope this initiative grows and grows!.” Caroline Money,  Teacher, Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres

“With crime and unrest amongst youth today on the increase it is even more imperative that young people get involved with activities that not only promote peace but give them a sense of self worth, belonging and a positive contribution to society” Tara Golshan (Executive Director, Education).

“With the Peace Doves, we remind everyone of the truth they sometimes forget—that peace is possible. We celebrate all that is free and noble in the human spirit. And we celebrate all that so many people have done throughout the year—and will do next year—to create a better world” Dr. Jane Goodall.

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