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Eastbury Comprehensive School Update

Thursday 23rd October 2014 we took part in the Big Tidy Up this is a project run by Keep Britain Tidy and promoted by the borough.

Eco Squad planned the big clean up and presented in assemblies so anyone could volunteer.

Two guys from waste management in the council came with the pickers we dressed up and took to the streets around our school.  We then did inside the school, which the caretakers were happy with.

“Taking part in the big cleanup was good because it helped keep the streets clean and bodies fit, it was fun!!” Hafeezul 7D

“I liked that the fact we could do it with all our friends and that we get a little party after school!” Ellie Mai Smith. 9A

Ms Knight would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part and as we had so much fun maybe we could do it at the end of every half term.

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Eco squad decided they wanted to run a campaign, they want to make their school gates safer, stop parents parking at the school gate and encourage a more ecofriendly way to travel to school.  They are in the first phase a newsletter piece and banners at the gate.  This is also incorporating a whole year group not just the Eco members.

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The 6th formers (Eco Squad) felt they needed something a little more mature to suit them and have started an Amnesty group within Eco Squad, their first project is Amnestea at all parents evenings. They will be serving tea and cake and everyone can make a donation.  Fundraising goes to Amnesty, however we would like to send some Jane Goodall’s way.

They have other projects planned, for example write for rights with year 8s in citizenship lessons in November. The same sort of project in year 7 with a different idea something like human rights and making decisions with your own body? Give it up on Dec 10th for human rights day. They are also producing a page in the newsletter Human Rights Reporting, setting poster comps etc.

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