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Update on TASIS Compost Project

TASIS Wildlife Club members worked hard to put their composting plan into action. Students met with the Head of the Lower School to set a date to present our Powerpoint to the whole Lower School. This would explain to everyone why we felt the need for out school to begin composting, and how this would be implemented in the dining room. Questions were asked, and complete directions were sent to each class via email.

On Monday, 3 November, the bins were placed on each lunch table. We had already discussed that there were ideas that we had, which would not work in practice. The main problem we realized was that there was no fair method to measure the waste from each grade level. The numbers of students in each grade level were uneven, as well as the size of a wasted apple, as opposed to a banana peel. We just could not compare each grade levels waste. So, we came up with the idea that as a whole, we would look for overall waste reduction at the end of each week.

We looked at what was placed into the compost bin containers, and we were shocked to see untouched food. There were a few completely unpeeled, untouched bananas thrown in the bin! There were whole pieces of fruit, as well as vegetables. Why would people take food that they did not even touch, and then throw it away? We just could not understand. So, we took photos, and made posters. We placed them in the dining room so that everyone could be more aware of what they were taking, but then not eating.

We were amazed that by Friday, there was barely any pieces of untouched food in the compost collection! People must had thought twice about taking more than they could eat! We were excited!

We look forward to seeing if this trend carries through during the second week! We do know that people are thinking more about waste, as we hear them talk about it at the lunch table.

We will continue to monitor and improve our composting project. Now, it is on to our next change, and that is to get rid of the excess packaging used for snacks in the Lower School!! We all want to do our part to reduce our waste!

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