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The New Forest School

Here at The New Forest School, we have been very busy the last few years.

We have been doing/making/ involved in:

– Wildlife clubs on both sites with regualar visitors and trips out.
– Bird boxes and webcams over the years have been streamed via the birdbox project – we watched 8 blue-tits fledge one year.
– Big bird watch an whole school event – raised £440 for RSPB through selling of their pin badges.
– We are planning a RSPB Big Wild Camp out for this summer – star gazing and bat watching.
– Meadow grown this summer – with bug hunting and butterfly catching as well as identifying the plants that grew there
– Spiritual areas developed on both sites to include features to encourage wildlife
– Garden development – KS2 has a well established garden with fruit and vegetables, KS1 is being improved over this winter with new raised beds.
– Hedgerow and fruit tree planting on KS1 planned for January 2015
– Fairtrade week – lower KS2 taught within their Chooclate unit
– Travel Plan – in continued work to improve the parking and children’s safety around the 2 sites. The year 6s have been involved in discussions with the parish council, as well as a newly formed travel group to encourage children to walk and cycle to school.
– Re-use Sale – to raise money for the Spiritual Garden – sold old and unwanted uniform and toys, this was part of year 2 geaography work on improving our local environment.
– Marwell Zoo – Community Rhino Project 2012.
– Phil the bag – re-cycling old and unwanted clothes.


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