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Sandfield Close Primary School Update 2014

Sandfield wanted to improve the environment; they wanted to make a positive difference for the people who live in the local community. We approached our local council and asked if it was possible to plant bulbs in the local park near to the school. From then on we have planted bulbs in various green spaces in the local community, cleared and planted flowers in the local pub planters, litter picked and improved the area for the people and animals who live there.

We learnt how to plant bulbs properly.


Untitled1 Untitled2

After planting bulbs in the new park area, we were invited to meet, Peter Soulsby our Mayor, Keith Vaz our MP and Reverend Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader – the park is named after him.


We had an after school session for parents to learn all about worms. We read books about worms and then went on a worm hunt!

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These are before we cleaned up the pub planters.

Untitled8 Untitled9


Recycled bottles were made into planters.

Untitled12 Untitled13 Untitled14

We litter picked, dug, scrubbed and cleaned the site. Then planted flowers for everyone to enjoy.

Untitled10 Untitled11


Eco Club planted trees at the new supermarket car park.

Untitled15 Untitled16

Eco Club have taken part in a survey to identify different bees – we put up a display and planted lavender to encourage them to visit. We have also been on litter picking walks around the school. We grew our own grub – here is our menu!

Untitled17 Untitled18

We recycled plastic bottles to make planters. We hope to continue, we have loads of ideas.

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