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More Acts of Random Kindness ( ARK’s)

The great thing about ARK’s is that they are spontaneous and give an unexpected lift to the day.

Looking back to Autumn Agent D went blackberry picking with Agent P along a well known cycle track on the coast of North Devon. Cycle track? – it was more like a two wheeled motorway and some riders had clearly transferred their driving ‘skills’ to their equally questionable bike riding skills! Some do pedal sedately along, admiring the countryside and estuary around them and giving a polite, almost timid, ‘ping ping’ on their bells as they approach. At the other extreme there were the fast lane tail gaters, heads down, legs pumping, high speed with a strident and demanding ‘DING DING’ announcing their unstoppable passage at breakneck speed weaving in and out of pedestrians and cyclists alike!

Throw into this melee one large and hairy caterpillar who suddenly decided the brambles on the far side of the cycle path looked far yummier. Luckily eagle eyed Agent D spotted the errant voyager and with Agent P scooped it to safety before the next set of wheels descended. Agent P saw the caterpillar safely into the brambles and declared that “There should be a speed limit”.

Agent P loves bees and we frequently buzz off to the Quince Honey Farm where we can see inside the numerous bee colonies. Agent P explained to me that when the large bumble bees find their way into a colony the bees attack it, stripping its furry type hairs off and then coating it in thick black bee glue called propolis.

Thus entombed the bumblebee dies and any sources of infection are controlled.

Bees are very good at protecting the nest and the honey and Agent P also explained how the bees smother unwanted visitors (such as hornets) to form a giant ‘bee ball’ which gets very hot inside and kills the intruder. Agent P said some bees warn off intruders with giant Mexican waves using their wings!

Even bees need ARK’s sometimes and one Autumn day as I set off for work I noticed a very tired bumble bee right in front of my front tyre. 30 seconds of my time saw one bumble bee buzzing happily on a large near by flower head.

Snails also need ARK’s like the on that Agent D saw right in the middle of a very busy supermarket car park – no where near any plants ! One of the mystery’s of life about how it got there but a little effort on Agent D’s part saw it safely ‘airlifted’ to the shrubs around the car park.

Summer Agents Activities found another stranded jellyfish. As the tide was turning and due to come in the Agents piled wet seaweed over it to stop it drying out and at least give it a fighting chance.

As always little ARK’s, which all made a difference.

Agent D

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