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Observer Ethical Awards 2015 – Have You Entered Yet?

The Observer Ethical Awards in association with EcoverThe deadline for nominations for the Observer Ethical Awards 2015 is fast approaching, but there is still time to get in your entry.

We would like to encourage you to nominate your best projects for the Young Green Champion category. This award recognises the work of schools and youth groups in the UK that come up with innovative ways to benefit the environment, so it’s a great fit for all our member schools. The award comes with a generous £6,000 bursary from Ecover to continue and expand your scheme, and it’s fine to enter both this award and our annual Roots & Shoots awards so you could be a double winner! In 2013 the Roots & Shoots Team from Queen Elizabeth II High School in Isle of Man, took the Gold in this category and in 2014, three of our teams were in the top 5 and one made it to the runner up. This year it could be you!

We’ve dedicated a special part of our website to the award which gives you all the details that you need to know. Nominations have been extended and now need to be in by midnight on 26 March 2015 so start planning your entry now – good luck!

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