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Roots & Shoots Most Outstanding Group Winners RSPCA Trip to Mallydams

The students from Cañada Blanch Instituto Español de Londres took the Gold Award for the Most Outstanding Group and their prize was a visit to the RSPCA’s Mallydams Nature reserve, where they had the opportunity to see behind the scenes, and learn about wildlife and nature.

Milo, age 12 describes the day:

“We had to be at school earlier than usual to catch the coach. After we collected our packed lunches we walked down to the coach. The coach ride was great fun and we stopped half way for some fresh air, then we got back in the coach to continue our journey.

At the end of our three and a half hour journey, we had the RSPCA employees at the top of a hill waiting to pick us up. We then walked down a small lane to the centre. In the classroom, they started by explaining to us what they do and how they care for the animals on site and the nature reserve.

Then they split us up into groups to do some activities. We started by lighting fires in the wood to boil water. Then we had to build nests and put eggs in them. Finally we went into the RSPCA building where they kept their rescued animals. We enjoyed all three activities.

The woods were huge and great to see and walk in. There were chicks, rabbits and foxes in the pens. And we had to be really fast and proactive while building the nests.

Then came the time to leave. It was a great day out. For many of us, it was a great opportunity to interact with nature, as most of us live in the city and do not experience the country nearly enough. Thank you Roots & Shoots and RSPCA for a great day out.

The students at Canada Blanch Instituto Espanol de Londres!!”

“Thanks for teaching us about how the RSPCA rescues animals. It’s great work.” Eloy aged 12.

” The part I liked the most was when we learnt to make fire because it was really surprising how easy it was to do with a flint and not with matches. And I also enjoyed being in the countryside because in the city it’s always busy and there’s pollution, but it was calm in the country, I liked it.” Natália aged 12.

” I liked the day trip because it was very interesting and I liked seeing the baby animals!” Maider aged 13.

” Thank you so much to Roots & Shoots and to RSPCA for arranging this great day out in the woods. The students are ‘city kids’ so spending time in the woods in the sunshine and learning about natural habitats was a gift for these children. Thank you!” Caroline, teacher.

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