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TASIS EarthDay 2015

Wildlife Club has had a busy spring term. Besides hatching seven beautiful ducklings, we had a wonderful visit from Kim Hale and Tiffany Cavanagh, from David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. The theme of the visit was Earth Day 2015. For this occasion, we did work ahead of the visit and agreed that while it is wonderful to celebrate each April 22, Earth Day is 365 days a year!

We learned about some of the work that David Shepherd Wildlife does to help animals and people. We especially enjoyed learning about the elephant sanctuary that they run in Zambia! While our club members are too young to volunteer there, some of our Upper School students are old enough to spend time helping care for the elephants in the sanctuary. They will plan a trip for next year!

As well, David Shepherd paired us with a school in Zambia. The students there made a video for us to tell us about their school and their lives. Their school is so different from ours, but we were fascinated by hearing about it. We then spent the next few club meetings making a video to share our school, and our work with them. We shared how we are involved with Roots and Shoots, and how we are doing many projects. We are now waiting to hear from the school in Zambia!

We made Earth Day is Everyday t-shirts for our club members, and we made Earth Day posters to share around our school. We also did a clean-up around our large campus. We will continue to celebrate our Earth each day of our lives. We have such a beautiful home!

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We are getting ready to break up for our summer holidays, and we look forward to getting back to work in September! See you then!

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