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Bee Friendly

At Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery in Arnold, Nottingham the two Year 2 classes have completed a topic on bees. Their work included a demonstration from our local bee keeper including looking in detail at a bee hive and discovering how honey gets from the bee to the jar. They found out about the life of bees that live in the hive on our school site including the role of the queen and the workers. They tasted honey from different places to see if it was all the same or different and they cooked  honey biscuits. To help our bee population they planted 4 mini wild flower meadows on the school field as part of the Bee Cause project which are now full of wild flowers to attract bees and other insects. Their work has paid off as the honey bees are busy making honey in the hive, we have lots of bumble bees on site and a colony of tree bees have set up home in our forest school area.

The children in Year 2 held a bee friendly afternoon where they invited their parents to come into school and hear about their work on bees. The children dressed up as bees and served honey biscuits. They produced a wall display all about their bee topic. The children now have a greater understanding about the important role that bees play in pollinating plants.

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