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UCL Roots & Shoots update

UCL Roots & Shoots have had a great year!

We visited several schools across London to lead our two-day workshops, with the first workshop concentrating on energy and pollution and the second workshop focusing on conservation issues such as habitat loss, poaching and overfishing. We finish each workshop with our favourite activity – the positive changes tree, where each student adds a leaf with one positive intention to help the environment. At the end of each workshop, we nearly always see a change in perspective of these bright and aware students, which can be varied in topic thanks to the broad range of subjects included in our lesson plans. We finished our year on a positive note with a team picnic, which also acted as our AGM to vote in our new project leaders!

We are looking forward to continuing our work this year, with the hope of visiting more schools and making a greater impact.

r&s (4) r&spicnic

r&s (3) tree

r&s r&s4




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