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For several months, devastating forest fires have burned throughout Indonesia threatening humans and animals alike. These unprecedented fires have penetrated deep into the nation’s national parks and pose a severe threat to one third of the world’s remaining wild orangutans.

Around the world, Roots & Shoots groups are beginning to mobilize to bring awareness to this environmental catastrophe. News from the Jane Goodall Institute Australia tells of efforts by students at Cleveland District State High School in Brisbane to highlight the issue in the community and raise much needed funds for The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop):
Here’s what you and your Roots & Shoots group can do right now:
Read and share what you can about the dire situation in Indonesia and how it is impacting people and animals in the region. Start here:
Connect with the Jane Goodall Institute Australia for updates:
Learn what organizations like The Orangutan Project are doing to help and see how you can get involved:
Start your own fundraiser in support of organizations who are working tirelessly to help.
Stay tuned as we will share more opportunities for your Roots & Shoots group to take action.


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