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Apple Trees for Applemore

GardenMore at Applemore continues to grow and thrive, thanks to recent grant funding from The Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust. The £250 grant has been used to purchase fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. This influx of new plants has been a real boost to the GardenMore team, helping them progress with their aim of enabling the whole school community to enjoy using Applemore College’s garden learning environment.Stanley Smith grant slide

During the Summer Term Enrichment Week, which aims to offer Year 7-10 students the opportunity to try new and different activities, over 50 additional students were involved in planting red, green and cooking columnar apple trees.

A selection of herbs were bought and a recycled vertical garden has been created, with spinach planted in plastic bottles. Next Spring, the plan is to plant a vertical salad garden to enable the Food Technology students to visit the garden to pick fresh herbs and salad to use in their recipes or as garnishes for their dishes.

Faith, a Year 8 GardenMore enthusiast, requested that Globe Artichokes were planted after her experience of growing Jerusalem Artichokes at home, and is delighted with how much they have grown over the summer.

Mrs Williams, the leading staff member supporting the GardenMore team says: “Our GardenMore students are wonderful ambassadors for the College, they are constantly encouraging more students including the new Year 7s to be involved in the garden and are looking forward to sharing and selling produce at our Open Evening in October. We would like to thank Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust for supporting GardenMore at Applemore.”


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