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Postcard to Paris

Applemore College students have been voicing their concern to world leaders about Climate Change.

In December, the United Nations and world leaders will meet in Paris for COP21, one of the largest conferences to have ever taken place. At the meeting world leaders aim to achieve international agreement on combating climate change effectively and boosting the transition to more resilient, low carbon economies and societies.

To demonstrate that children want politicians to act on climate change, ‘Sussed in the Forest’ has invited young people to design a ‘Postcard to Paris’, a ‘No Cop Out’ A5 card that sends a strong message to world leaders about the future they want to see and the action they would like leaders to take in Paris.

Selection of KS3 Postcards to Paris
Selection of KS3 Postcards to Paris

Applemore College Students have been inspired to take action on this important topic, following a presentation at assembly by Gill Hickman, New Forest Sustainable Schools Co-ordinator and by Headteacher Mr Marsh in a KS4 science class.

Selection of KS4 Postcards to Paris
Selection of KS4 Postcards to Paris

Linking to current curriculum topics in Geography and Science, students designed and wrote postcards to World Leaders and politicians expressing their hopes for the Paris talks and about the importance of climate change.

Handing over Applemore College's 51 Postcards to Paris to Gill Hickman
Handing over Applemore College’s 51 Postcards to Paris to Gill Hickman

Members of Applemore College’s Eco Committee made their own postcards in their own time including Henry Rogers, a Year 7 who has a passion for being Ecofriendly. After seeing the Postcard to Paris presentation, Henry decided he must make a card to add his voice to the message to world leaders. He has consequently joined the Applemore Eco-Committee and took pride in being able to present Applemore’s contribution of 51 postcards to Gill Hickman on Tuesday evening. Gill commented “I am thrilled by the response of Applemore College’s students. They have produced cards that show a real strength of opinion and an expectation that world leaders will seek a lasting solution.”

These postcards will be taken to world leaders at the UN climate talks in Paris by a team of environmental scientists from ‘Pole to Paris’, who are travelling by bicycle and by foot from the polar regions to COP21. Some cards will also be made into a large banner and carried on the Friends of the Earth climate march on 29th November where it will represent the voices of children.      

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