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TASIS Composting Upgrade!

After successfully composting for the past year, we have finally made a vast improvement to how we compost! We began with a compost bin, but found that it was full by the end of the school year. This caused a problem with how we were going to deal with our daily intake of food from lunch.

Back in October, Wildlife Club students made an appointment to speak with our head gardener to discuss how we could build a proper, three part composting area. She came back with a drawing and an offer to have this new composting area built by one of our maintenance men over the winter break. We had to find the funding for this project within the school budget, as it was quite expensive. Once this was found, plans approved, we all went off around the world to our various home countries for the holidays (we are an international school!).

When we arrived back to school in January, our beautiful, large, and very study composting area was built and ready to use. We now have a system that will meet all of our composting needs. This will help us to develop our food waste into soil to use in our own garden at school. We will be adding a worming area, and we look forward to all of the fruits and vegetables that our new soil will enable us to grow. And yes, we will compost the waste from what we grow!

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