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TASIS Endangered Animals Art Sculptures

Recently, our fifth grade class (year 6), built a project that we entered in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s Global Art Competition. The theme this year was, Wild Wonders.

Wild Wonders compliments our class science study of animal classification, vertebrates, and how they are an important part of the ecosystem on our planet. Each student researched an endangered animal in order to write a report to share with the class. We then chose to highlight the rhino and the snow leopard as a class project. The base of each animal is a wire sculpture.

The rhino was covered in paper-mache, painted, and then decorated by each child with messages to highlight the problems faced by it. There were also some ideas included to focus on protecting the rhino. The children worked in groups, discussing this incredible animal, researching the facts of why and how they are endangered, and ways they are being protected.

Next, the children concentrated on the beautiful snow leopard. This animal truly is a “wild wonder!” It is also highly endangered, and again, research was done in groups amongst the students. We discussed how best to get our message across via our sculpture, and it was agreed that we would show the beauty of the animal with textiles, and then write messages on ribbons attached to it. We feel that our art conveys an important message!

We are displaying our sculptures in different areas around school, encouraging students, parents, and teachers to become engaged in learning about all the animals that need us to help protect them.

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