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We celebrate the #Rootsandshoots25

Friday the 19th February 2016 saw the global anniversary of Roots & Shoots, which was set up 25 years ago by Dr Jane Goodall in Tanzania. Roots & Shoots groups around the world celebrated the anniversary with events and activities, and here in the UK we met with the Roots & Shoots group at TASIS, one of the most active Roots & Shoots schools in the UK, to celebrate with a tree planting ceremony.

All the students did their part to help get the apple tree planted
All the students did their part to help get the apple tree planted

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TASIS has been part of Roots & Shoots for a long time, has over 750 students attending, and their Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club looks after wildlife in their local area, including learning how to compost waste material, hatched ducklings, organises talks and fundraising activities and more. Seriously impressive!

An apple tree was chosen as the perfect tree to suit the environment, and of course with careful cultivation it will also produce fruit for the students to eat too.

We also talked to students about the Roots & Shoots anniversary, learned more about the projects they are doing, and about their wonderful garden. Although it’s still cold, with Spring just around the corner it’s certain that their garden is just about to spring into life! We can’t wait to see the Roots & Shoots apple tree in blossom.


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