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Swap pots for bottles!

Here at Milford pre school, we go through an awful lot of four pint milk bottles! Busy children equal thirsty children!

So we thought about how we could re use them, instead of just recycling them. We hoped with some fun ideas, that our children would begin to think creatively about reusing, then taking ideas home to their families.

Ideas were elmer the elephants, using the top half and handle for ghis trunk. Children decorated them and played out Elmer stories.

We also collected four hundred to construct an igloo! Some what challenging as difficult to stick, but the children got the idea and enjoyed playing inside, while it lasted!

Our most successful activity was using the bottles cut in half to plant seeds in. A few holes in the bottom for drainage and we were away! We planted sunflower seeds to take home for a tall sunflower challenge, beans for our allotment and seed balls for wild flowers. We attached those to an unwanted trellis, which made a wall of beautiful wild flowers.

This year, we will be repeating the planting, as well as receiving a stand to hang more recycled milk bottles on to! So there will be no purchasing of plastic plant pots, just using our free ones!!

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