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TASIS Shares with Roots & Shoots in South Africa

Ms. Gediman’s class is taking part in a special Roots & Shoots project. They have met the Roots & Shoots group led by Lebo in Johannesburg, South Africa via Skype. The children exchanged names and information about many projects each group has taken part in. We shared problems that we face in our own country and talked about action that is being done to help improve these in regards to people, the environment, and animals.

Our group showed the South African group the endangered animal sculptures that we made. They said that they wanted to make their own sculpture, and we said that we would make another small one to share with them. We decided to make a chimpanzee, and we will begin work when we return from spring break. We cannot wait to see what they will be making!

We look forward to sharing our endangered animals and we also plan to decide on a way to share the celebration of Earth Day together. We cannot wait to hear about more projects that our Roots & Shoots South Africa friends are doing, as this helps us to get good ideas too. We also are excited about getting to know each other better. It is wonderful to share with our global Roots & Shoots family!


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