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So many seeds, not enough room!

imageSpring is a very busy time for our children at milford pre school plus.

We were excited to receive our RHS seeds from space. Our young children were able to pinch one seed at a time and drop into a cell. They were keen to spray with water before placing on a large window ledge! We are busy recording our findings and observing growth.

We also took part in the sunflower project, sending some home and keeping the rest for our allotment.

We also enjoyed having Lymington transition group in to plant a variety of seeds into pots to go home and plant with parents. Alongside planting information!

The children sowed mizuna for a little cal hospital, we will hand over when grown so the patients can tend to them.

Next we planted our Bees for Beans seeds, into pots and onto our crowded window ledge!

The children also placed French beans into bags with paper towel and water, we stuck them onto a clear door. The children can already see the shoots appearing.

Finally the children sowed our donated grow wild seeds and seed balls into our allotment for wild flower areas to encourage pollination.

Now all we need is some lovely sunshine to bring all our hard work on!

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