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Back in sunny February, the children were excited to find a clump of frogspawn in our forest school pond. We talked about what would happen if the frost came one night, what would happen to the frogspawn?

So we decided to help nature out,carefully scooping it out into a bucket with some pond water. We took it back to pre school, where the children constructed a home from home in an old fish tank, with a stack of pebbles.

Lots of active learning from sorting frog life cycles, drawing and making frog hats, singing number songs to reading stories.

The children were keen to look for changes and were very excited to come in one morning to find lots of tadpoles swimming about!

Now where in May, the tadpoles are turning into tiny frogs. We carefully catch them and the children place them back into the pond where they came from.

Amazing leaning and totally free too. Active? Learning doesn’t get much better than that!

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