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We have frogs!




We are lucky enough to have access to an amazing forest school area, which we visit most days. The shallow pond holds an incredible amount of pond life, including frogs. So, back in February we were excited to find a large clump of frogspawn. We discussed with the children that it was very early, as frost was ever present in the chilly morning’s.

So we decided to very carefully use our dipping nets and carefully transport it back to preschool. The children helped build a large home for our precious cargo in and old aquarium (with a few runs back to tip up with kind water!)

The children could then observe all the amazing changes. As well as caring for and observing, we  were able to undertake plenty of frog activities to cement the children’s learning, from paintings to sorting life cycle pictures.

And then one day, the children came into find a tiny froglet sat up on a rock! We carefully transported it back up to the pond, the children cheered as he disappeared back to where he came from!

Such a fantastic learning journey for all the children, and best of all we will be releasing for weeks to come!

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